Astorga to Rabanal Del Camino Camino de Santiago)

May 29, 2012 Only had 13 miles today and with the two coffee breaks finished the days walk in a little over four hours. The countryside has changed once again and the rolling hills with their coverage of stunted trees was pleasant. The flat trail cut through the hills and the small paved road next to us had few cars. Sunset outside of Murias de Rechivalso bathed the scenery in the most lovely golden soft light. The first rest break was at a small village with the only bar being a strange transplant for some other world called the “Cowboy Bar”. A boisterous character stood behind the bar in a leather vest and slid our drinks down the bar where we stood just as one would see in an old television western. The interior was decorated with cowboy paraphernalia from Spain, Argentina and the US. It was one of those places that one stumbles upon, unique and full of weirdness. We arrived in Rabanal before noon so I had time to explore the few sights. I wandered into a small church and sat for a time just to reflect and pray. The church radiated reverence and sacredness. As evening arrived the swallows began their darting flights and I sat watching them dive and turn above the cobblestone street. They made me smile. Journal: ” I checked email at the alberque. There was a message that ┬áDave (Suzanne’s boyfriend) had summited Denali yesterday (the same day she had perished). I found a small church and lit a candle in her memory.”