Burgos to Hornillos del Camino ( Camino de Santiago)

Yesterday there was plenty of time to relax in Burgos with its shops, dining options and sightseeing. The immense towering cathedral was inspiring. We walked around the perimeter and using our Pilgrims Passport able to get a discount on the entrance fee. The interior of the church was an expression of space. The arches soared upwards reaching for the heavens. The size and magnificence of the interior is difficult to describe. This morning was another trial of finding our way out of a larger town in the early hours. The morning was heavy with overcast skies and it wasn’t long before I had to drop my backpack and pull out the rain poncho. It poured for about an hour, stopped then rained again as each squall rolled in. We did pass a lovely tree lined river that was quite tranquil with rain drops breaking the water’s surface. With the dampness came the minute snails that began to fill the pathway. I tried to avoid them but the crackle of their shells underfoot was quite disturbing to me. Today was the first time I started noticing the stork nests built on the top of towers, chimneys or high points. Their huge hanging nests formed islands of sticks above our heads. Saw some beautiful roses growing up a white washed wall of a small residence and several groups of large purple Irises that were quite lovely. In four hours we had covered the twelve mile to Hornillos. The 6 euro albeque was very small and noisy. My cot was next to a door that led to an overflow room with 36 mattresses that lay on the floor. A constant flow of pilgrims in and out of the door was very annoying but I did have a bed. Journal: “After dinner I walked over to the side of the church to watch the sunset. As the sun set through the layers of grey clouds the orb turned into of circle of intense color. As I said a prayer I clung to the moment and savored the Spanish light.”