Celerity Aircraft

My father inherited this project from a neighbor who had passed away. The fellow had started the building the plane a few years prior and upon his death his wife didn’t know what to do with it so called my father and asked if he wanted to continue building the aircraft. The Celerity is an experimental plane that one builds from blueprints, it is not a kit. Each piece must be cut and fitted and builders take years and years of work before they are airborne. My father has come quite a long way in its completion. He restored a 1938 Fairchild PT-19 trainer aircraft in the 1980’s and as he has flown both privately and commercially for sixty two years it is not out of his realm of experience.  Each visit I see the plane taking shape and with the recent engine rebuild and the finalization of the retractable landing gear problem it may be only a couple more years before he taxis down the asphalt runway outside his hangar. And yes, he intends to fly it. He is currently 79 years old. Basin City, Washington