Giovanni “LoverBoy” Hood passed away unexpectedly three days ago. Gio was a ten year old Italian Greyhound who came to us from a rescue association. We were theĀ  fourth home if you counted a lengthy stay at a foster family. Gio was a solid, guy kind of dog, not fragile and for a breed that averages around ten pounds he was on the larger size. He was a buddy who would climb up on your lap and press heavy against your chest. When excited he would do rapid 360 spins with a huge smile and wagging tail. He would beg for sips of good red wine or IPA beer….and only those. He would sleep in his bed next to ours under a small blanket and would wake up at 5am sharp for his potty break, breakfast was demanded at 6am, then off to nap time. Gio didn’t think he was a dog, just one of us. He was part of our family for two wonderful years. He died in his house, his final home and adored.