Italian Greyhound

Karma Waggles Hood died yesterday at the age of 14 and 1/2 years. We bought him from a breeder on Bainbridge Island and he picked us. We had driven over to look at litter of pups and decide if we indeed wanted a dog. The house was filled with 6 month old Italian Greyhounds and we took turns holding and playing with each pup until one in particular just sat in Becky’s lap and looked up at her, not wanting to move. He was quite clearly saying I am the One, take me home, which we eventually did. Karma as all IG’s worked his way somehow into our bed. They have this knack for always getting under the covers and pressing up against you until morning. We gave a short attempt at porch, then crate sleeping until he finally won out and ended up in the bed. His world was the house, the backyard which was his territory, and the neighborhood walks where his constant marking made the stroll a lengthy test of patience. Great watchdog, not guard dog, who would bark a large dog bark if anyone came up the steps. He did quite the amazing job at terrorizing the local squirrel population as well. Karma had a wonderful soul. When Becky fought her illness Karma was her constant companion. He was the reassuring friend to our daughter as she held him tightly on the couch. He always found me and would sprawl across my legs resting his head on my thigh. As he aged we got another IG for company while we were at work. The younger female became his mate as they would lay intertwined, clean each other’s ears and kiss each other on walks. Karma filled a void in all of the family members; people and dogs. I will miss cleaning the front window of his nose smears, the constant begging of more food, and his warm body pressed hard against my leg during the winter nights while I slept. As a line from Neil Young song goes “he was the best dang dog I ever knew”. Seattle, Washington