Nothing Wasted-Nepal

The public bus from Katmandu to Chitwan National Park had been quite a cultural experience. Our bus was overloaded and packed with bodies, goods and one lone goat tied to the roof, which was to be a sacrifice at a local temple. The blaring speaker belted the one tape of Hindi music our driver possessed, nonstop. Over and over it played droning me into a near coma.

The winding narrow road followed the course of a steep gorge that presented instant death if our swaying bus moved too far to the right. Coming around a bend, traffic stopped. A bus just like ours lay on its side blocking most of the road.

Just beyond we made our lunch stop. The small restaurant was a welcome break from the packed bodies and pounding music. The driver climbed on top of the bus to give some water to the poor goat. It did not look well. The man picked up the goat and as he walked across the top of the bus, he stumbled, dropping the goat to the ground, killing it instantly and upsetting the two locals who had now lost their offering. The few Western tourists moaned and lamented the poor animal’s demise. In an instant the owner of the restaurant was out of his establishment and offering the two men money. Today’s lunch special: Goat.  Nepal