O’Cebreiro to Triacastela (Camino de Santiago)

June 2, 2012 It was quite a feat to begin the days walking, in the dark, with sunglasses. Luckily we started down a paved road with a white stripe painted down the middle that I was able to follow until the sun began to rise. I felt pretty silly with my new eye wear but the clip on sunglasses were the only thing holding my eye glasses together. The scenery had changed to rolling lush green hills and serene pastures as we were now are in the province of Galicia.  There were many ups and downs over the hills making the day more difficult than anticipated. We passed through a number of small villages where the stone road were covered in cow shit. The smell and slickness was somewhat of a challenge. The days walking of only 13 miles went rather quickly and we were able to get lodging in a small private alberque with a full kitchen and a grocery store next door. We purchased salami, bread, cheese, red sauce, pasta and several bottles of red wine and the two engineers (Tim and Mike) set to work in repairing my glasses while our dinner simmered. They were able to fix them with superglue. They worked quite well though they were not much in the way of being stylish. We had a nice dinner and I was able to get acquainted with a South African fellow who now lives in Canada and a Brazilian who I have walked behind and in front of over the last week or so. I was able to phone Beck and she made it to Madrid and her connecting flight to Santiago. All is going to plan for us to meet up in Sarria tomorrow where she can join in walking the last 100 kilometers to Santiago. Journal: “Walked past several locals herding cattle along the road.  Many seemed  to use trios of dogs in varying sizes and breeds who seem to love keeping the cattle in a tight group and moving forward. There was an old German Sheppard who moved so slow and tired that I felt sorry for him but he seemed to do his duty as he had done for his long hard life, a life with purpose.”