Santiago (Camino de Santiago)

June 9-10, 2012 After the Pilgrims Mass we walked to the Office of Pilgrims to get our “Compostela”. The line was extremely long but we were patient and with the documents in hand we exited the building to a nice surprise of Tim and Mike standing outside waiting for us. We shook hands and congratulated one another and headed to a small cafe and enjoyed a glass of wine. Afterwards the two of them walked us to our hotel, as Beck and I were not quite sure of the location (even though Beck spent one night there upon her arrival). We spent the rest of the day and evening visiting with Mike, Tim, Greg and a Canadian whom we had met a few weeks prior along the Camino.¬† Sunday was our last day in Santiago. We wandered through the streets of the old town section, attended another mass,¬† ate and drank at a beautiful garden cafe and ended the evening drinking green, red and black absente. You could say that sitting outside just before dark gazing at the clouds floating above the cathedral was in a very altered¬† mental state. Journal: “When we attended the Pilgrims Mass yesterday the service did not include the swinging of the huge incense burner or thurible. Since we had one more day in Santiago we decided to attend another Mass. This time we were treated to the spectacle. Six burgundy robed attendants gathered around a series of ropes and pulled, lifting the huge metal container (Botafumeiro)upwards. With each pull the massive smoking incense burner began to swing across the width of the cathedral. It was an amazing site as the sun filtered through the smoke as it swirled upwards until broken but the next swing of the burner. I sat enthralled.”

Photos by Tim Hagan