Tara Belle

Tara (aka..TaraBelle Hood) died this morning in her sleep. She was ten years old and should have lived a lot longer but for all the health issues she had her whole life. We had her to the vet so many times this last year and was on a bag of medications. After losing Karma (our male Italian Greyhound and her love) last year we couldn’t face another lose. Tara was a sweetheart. When we would be gone even for a short time she would squeal and grab a toy (her baby) and run around the house. It was her routine. She welcomed anyone who came to the house with a wagging tail and her squealing voice (not a bark). She loved snuggling under a blanket and dashing outside to clear the backyard of squirrels. Will miss picking her up and covering her head with kisses. She was a love.