Tibet, 2010

This summer I was able to travel to Tibet and complete the kora (circumventing) of Mt. Kailash. It was a very arduous journey but transforming.

Journal entry-2010 The trail rolled over another rocky bulge of earth and I looked ahead at the body that lay stretched out on the dirt. His arms reached out in front of his body and two black tennis shoes covered both his hands. He was demonstrating his devotion to his faith and by this effort proving his belief in that faith, something fewer and fewer were undertaking in these times. As I stepped to the left to pass he looked up at me and motioned for water. I looked down at his face which peered up inches from the dust and rocks. I dropped my pack and pulled out the water bottle and as he stood up and opened his mouth I unscrewed the lid and poured the water. He swallowed and nodded for more and once again I filled him for a second and a third time. Finished he looked into my eyes, bowed his head and returned to his pilgrimage. I gathered my pack and as I walked away it began to lightly snow even though the sun was still shining. Mt. Kailash poked through the clouds and this huge wave of emotion overwhelmed me and tears began to well in my eyes as my body filled with pure emotion and I began to shake. Gazing skyward I let the snowflakes touch my face and I walked alone in solitude. Kim Hood