Triacastela to Sarria (Camino de Santiago)

June 3, 2012 The morning was quite busy with a large number of Pilgrims getting an early start as we climbed up in semi darkness the mostly dirt track to the top of a rise with views of misty valleys and clouds hanging over lush wet fields and stands of trees. Once we started down the other side the path turned into a deep  smooth stone bed of a trench with a canopy of trees and vegetation. It was a damp hobbit world that I honestly relished in. We only had 11.4 miles to reach Sarria and easily found the hotel where I would meet Becky. I checked into my room ( having a reservation made months prior) and accompanied Mike and Tim up the street until they were able to secure a bed in one of the many alberques of Sarria. I went back to the room and took an amazing tub bath which was marvelous. Before I settled in too much the phone rang and it was Mike and Tim who were downstairs in the lobby. I joined them and we went to the cafeteria and drank mugs of hard apple cider. We waited for Becky to arrive from Santiago by taxi. She finally arrived and I was so pleased  to see her. The four of us chatted for a time and they said goodbye until tomorrow. Beck dropped off her backpack and we took a walk by the river, sitting on a bench and talking. I was so happy to see my wife after a month of walking.  Journal: “It has been a over a month since I left Seattle. Time has passed so slowly but then again some things seem to have stood still. It has been joyous seeing Becky after all this time and to have her at my side as we walk the last 100 kilometers to Santiago. It  will be wonderful as we share in this endeavor and moment in our lives.”